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How were the still characters in "Timescape" filmed

I'm not sure this covers every single shot but, according to Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages, the frozen-in-time effect made heavy use of blue-screen. "It was very ...
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How were the still characters in "Timescape" filmed

There's no "word of god" I can find here, but it appears that most of the scenes were shot using actors standing still, with green screen and splicing used to produce the special effect ...
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Why do the Borg want to assimilate every planet in the universe?

The Borg consider all biological lifeforms to be inherently flawed, and see themself as the solution to this. It makes sense from the Borg point of view, leading the Borg to be aggressively ...
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Why do the Borg want to assimilate every planet in the universe?

It started out as a race who used technology to increase perfection in itself. Perfection involved cooperation and communication and community. These were carried to pathological extremes, then they ...
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In “Star Trek: The Next Generation” The Pegasus, which responsibilities/authority did Picard give up to Pressman when he took command of the mission?

Picard's usual responsibilities to maintain the safety of his ship and crew, to ensure that tasks onboard the Enterprise are performed by qualified personnel, and to obey the regulations of Starfleet ...
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Why do the Borg want to assimilate every planet in the universe?

The strength of the Borg in terms of numbers as well as offensive and defensive capabilities is repeatedly represented as far superior than many other groups in Star Trek (thanks to their practice of ...
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Why do (Federation) starships need Bussard collectors in front of their warp nacelles?

I really think the answer is not as complicated as all that. Matt Jeffries designed the enterprise in 1964. He probably intended it to look like cool radar. In my opinion, he probably never even ...
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Background science officer possibly played by Brent Spiner?

This guy behind Riker? This is the scene in The Game when Troi is eating ice cream. He definitely looks like Brent/Data, but I don't think it's him. His hair is different.
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Was Qo'noS evacuated?

An evacuation is never explicitly confirmed. There are no artifacts that would confirm a mass evacuation. Star charts are not updated, no strategic advantage is lost or gained for the empire, ...
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